The richness of the work we do brings a diverse set of skills and perspectives to the complex problems of today’s workforce and the work environments we create.  We are:

  • Complementary in skills and interests
  • Share a cohesive interest in shifting the status quo
  • Are willing to lead or follow
  • Choosing to work together out of respect, admiration, and appreciation of expertise

To  bring harmony to physical space, leadership, organizational culture, and storytelling to reinforce and amplify A SUSTAINABLE AND LIVING brand story.

Dana Asher

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Dana is a culture strategist, group facilitator, executive coach, and keynote speaker with expertise and experience in transformational learning and culture shift at work. Her work with clients poised for disruptive impact yields more related, higher-performing individuals, teams, and organizations.


Ethan McCarty

Integral CommunicationsBiography


Ethan leads a consultancy that helps major brands engage, inspire and activate employees on behalf of their employers.  His employee and innovative communications leadership at Bloomberg LP puts Integral Comms in a unique position to know first-hand how to activate innovation stories through people, workplaces and technologies.

Bill Dowzer


We are doing what we ask our clients to do—to reflect, to reassess, to adapt and embrace adapting as a constant,  to connect and engage. The New York practice of this almost century old Australia-based architectural firm sees their studio growth in North America as an opportunity to apply their entrepreneurial culture; to be challenged; to learn and to grow; in a studio environment that thrives on constantly questioning, discussing, and responding, it is about opening up a dialogue to a vision for the future.

Ben Edwards and Sol Sender



We deliver a uniquely powerful combination of breakthrough strategy, compelling design and exceptional team building to help companies reimagine their businesses, unlock their brands, and orient their teams in support of their vision.